There appears to be a growing need across the land to denigrate our history and those who were so honored by eliminating any reference which is now unacceptable to those whose du jour point of view demand removal of individual and place names on buildings, statues and monuments now found by them to be an insult to their sensibilities.

The article by Cheyenne Mountain High School senior Eddie Hayward (Gazette Op-Ed “Insensitive school mascot should change,” July 21) demanding that the school’s mascot name of “Indians” be removed and replaced with a name not offensive to him and ostensibly tribes of American Indians — whose generic and individual names are part of their and our noble heritage.

As a proud graduate of Cheyenne Mountain — although back in the “dark ages” Class of 1953, I am saddened, disgusted and occasionally amused at these movements to disallow long-established designations to satisfy the need which now denies, defaces, destroys and diminishes part of our heritage, purporting to be intolerable by today’s supposed standards.

To be consistent in his desire to eliminate the appellation “Indians” from Cheyenne School’s masthead, Hayward also should demand the removal of the name “Cheyenne,” since they were a tribe of Indians, and to mount a movement to eliminate the use of “Cheyenne” from several streets, and from the name of the capitol of Wyoming, as well as the historic use of other tribe names including Ute, Arapaho, Navajo, Kiowa, and Pueblo from towns, counties, streets and buildings, which must fall into his displeasure.

As a student at Cheyenne Mountain School we hoped that our sports teams would reflect the brave, bold and determined characteristics of Indians, and presumably that is still their goal. Insensitivity works both ways, and to many of us, the use of “Indian” and Indian names honors that heritage.

Anne (Trostel) Galbraith is a resident of Colorado Springs who lives in School District 12.

Anne (Trostel) Galbraith is a resident of Colorado Springs who lives in School District 12.

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