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Recently Ian Silverii, the executive director of ProgressNow Colorado, a far-left organization, in an op-ed column tried to lecture Republicans on the law. But, surprise, he is awfully quiet when it comes to the ethics abuses and legal issues within his party.

I felt a response was needed from the Colorado GOP about what our party and candidates truly represent and have to offer Coloradans.

Silveri must have forgotten that his Senate candidate, John Hickenlooper, this summer was found guilty, in contempt, and given the biggest fine in Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission history for failing to follow Colorado’s Constitution. That might be a pertinent fact that one should include if writing a piece about “lawbreaking hypocrites.”

Coloradans shouldn’t pay much attention to Silverii and ProgressNow’s constant flow of outlandish character attacks. Much to their surprise, Coloradans want their elected officials to produce results that are going to make life better for them and their communities. ProgressNow’s main objective seems to make us tribal-like social justice warriors hell-bent on advancing a far-left ideology with no room for discussion.

Colorado Republicans stand ready to work with Coloradans regardless of race, color, creed or geography. We’re ready to produce results; not resistance.

Quite simply, just look at the contrast between the leadership that Republicans and Sen. Cory Gardner have delivered for Colorado over the past six years and the puppet role that Hickenlooper would inevitably play for Sen. Chuck Schumer if elected to the U.S. Senate.

Gardner has delivered for Colorado time and time again. Sen. Gardner in his first term has had 10 of his bills signed into law, five under President Barack Obama and five under President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Democrat Sen. Bennet has been in D.C. for 12 years and has only passed one bill into law. That shows you just how effective Sen. Gardner is, and how ineffective Sen. Bennet is.

Gardner has worked successfully to move the Bureau of Land Management to Grand Junction, Space Command HQ to Colorado, provide funds for the Arkansas Valley Conduit, and pass critical environmental legislation, like the Great American Outdoors Act. It’s clear to me that Silverii and Colorado Democrats are jealous of Sen. Gardner’s record of results and will do anything to try and diminish these successes.

While Hickenlooper is running what the Colorado Sun has labeled a “bunker styled campaign,” that focuses on sleeping and hiding Hickenlooper from voters and the media, Sen. Gardner and our candidates will instead be talking with voters about their records and what is best for Colorado’s future.

This election is a referendum on the future of this state and this country. Silverii and his band of Denver extremists would like you to believe that defunding the police, raising taxes on families, and destroying Colorado’s energy and gas industry is the best course. The Colorado GOP, led by Chairman Ken Buck, wholeheartedly disagrees.

In recent weeks we have seen a shocking wave of destruction, violence, and rioting take place in Denver. Sadly, Hickenlooper and Bennet have refused to step up and condemn these extreme acts. Silverii, however, fully defended the nearly $1 million in destruction and vandalism that Colorado taxpayers will be charged to get the Capitol Building cleaned and back to normal.

New Republican faces like Lauren Boebert are proving that the Colorado Republican Party is proud of our country and that the next generation of our leaders will be fighting to ensure that all Coloradans have a voice in Washington, that Nancy Pelosi and AOC aren’t able to control Colorado’s future, and that burdensome regulations are stripped away to help more small and family-owned businesses thrive.

Alternatively, Silverii and ProgressNow have a shocking history of going after the hardworking energy families in our state.

In a tweet from this year, he stated that “for real, Fevery single one of you” that is in our oil and gas industry. Silverii, Hickenlooper and Biden hold our energy families in contempt (another word they are familiar with) and it’s a fact that their anti-fracking stance would cost over 230,000 Colorado jobs.

I’d recommend that anyone reading Silverii’s future articles actually take a few minutes and fact check what he is actually saying — because it’s usually just the latest poorly written Democrat talking points.

Lx Fangonilo is the executive director of the Colorado Republican Committee.

Lx Fangonilo is currently the Executive Director of the Colorado Republican Committee.


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