In the July 8 Gazette, columnist Walter Williams wrote, “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned against charter schools saying: ‘I am angry about the privatizen. I am sick and tired of these efforts to privatize a precious thing we need — public education.’

“Democrats have long accused Republicans of wanting to “privatize” public education by taking money from public schools to fund charter schools. A charter school is a school which has a private board of directors but which answers to a higher publicly elected board. In their accusations, Democrats have gained the ear of the people. The Democratic Party is known as the party of education and gains the votes of the inner-city as well as the surburban soccer moms.

A teachers union is a self-interested, never-generally-elected private corporation. Mayor de Blasio, Joe Biden and leading liberal Democrats support ardently the liberal public school boards in our biggest cities and their suburbs, which have bargained away the authority of the people over their public school district to a private corporation teachers union. In truth, it is these liberal school boards who have been the grand “privatizen” of public school districts across our country for more than half a century. These liberal public school boards have empowered a private corporation teachers union to put its private interest before the interest of the people.

The “master agreement” between the public school district and the private corporation teachers union usurps for the private union the authority of the people before it can reach down to the principals of the schools to lead their schools. Having lost the authority of the people, the principal cannot lead the teachers and the parents together to decide and uphold an environment of positive adulthood into which the students would want to grow.

This is the reason that our big city public schools — all unionized — have not educated the students of our cities for over half a century. As Walter Williams wrote in The Gazette in a June 10 column, “The real status of black Americans”: “In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient on the state’s math exam.”

We Republicans are standing up to say: Our country can reach E pluribus unum — even achieve good schools in our big cities — if every citizen regains the equal American right to govern ourselves through unbargained public government In our cities, liberal and Democrat public office holders have bargained away the authority of the people over public government to never-generally-elected private corporation unions. The unions put their own interest before the interest of the people.

This loss of the American right to govern themselves has devastated minority families. The loss of the authority of the people is why a police chief cannot fire the isolated bad policeman nor fully support the citizens and the vast majority of police who are good. The loss of the authority of the people is why school principals cannot lead their public school. Disorder reigns and hardly any student tests “proficient.”

We Republicans are standing up, and we invite every American to stand with us, to elect public officials who will end the bargaining a way of our public government to private corporation police, teachers and other government unions. In so doing, we will restore in our cities for the first time in half a century public government that is “by and for the people.”

We Republicans are standing up to lead the transition from “take a knee.” By our ending public government by private groups and restoring the American right of equal participation in public government for every citizen, each citizen gains the assurance that she or he is a necessary member of the American race who will want to stand for our country and our flag. E Pluribus unum! We Republicans are standing up to elect public school boards that will pass the unbargained authority of the people to school principals to get every parent to the school to work with the teachers to achieve the academic success of each student.

We Republicans are standing up to call upon school principals to reach out to convince the employers of the school’s parents to grant these employees two hours paid time per month to go to their student’s school.

By working with the teachers to create an environment of positive adulthood for the success and safety of every student, the parent will be a better employee — since an employee whose mind is at ease will work better. We Republicans believe that students want to show their respect for positive adulthood and want to grow into it.

James Sayler is a retired public high school teacher who lives in Colorado Springs.

James Sayler is a retired public high school teacher, who lives in Colorado Springs.


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