Throughout the course of COVID-19, the mainstream media consistently provided cover to Democrat governors who failed to manage the pandemic in their states responsibly.

While never thinking twice about criticizing Republicans, even going so far to rely on easily debunked falsehoods to do so, the fourth estate showed no such curiosity when it came to investigating missteps from Democrats.

We saw this hypocrisy highlighted most vividly, of course, in the case of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Gov. Cuomo’s disastrous directive shoving elderly COVID patients into nursing homes ended up being a death sentence for far too many New Yorkers.

And yet Gov. Cuomo’s misguided decision, along with his subsequent attempt to cover up the true extent of his failures, elicited little more than crickets from liberal media-types trying to protect one of their own.

While also not garnering significant media attention, unfortunately, Coloradans know all too well that New Yorkers aren’t the only ones who have been victimized by Democrat mismanagement on COVID-19. Here in the Centennial State, you have an Andrew Cuomo of your own in Gov. Jared Polis.

As a recent report makes clear, Gov. Polis and his administration failed to protect your state’s vulnerable population as Coronavirus cases were surging last Fall.

Colorado recorded 1,118 COVID-19 deaths as a result of 189 outbreaks in nursing homes between November and January.

Those heartbreaking numbers give Colorado the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of nursing home deaths of anywhere in the country during last year’s holiday season. At one point, those numbers were so bad they were double the national rate.

Responsibility for these failures starts at Gov. Polis’ desk in Denver.

Amid a rapid rise in COVID deaths emanating from nursing homes, Coloradans would expect their governor to communicate the severity of the situation clearly right? Wrong.

Even as the number of nursing home deaths grew and grew, the Governor’s office offered no public acknowledgment of just how bad the problem really was, and so little public attention was paid to it.

Polis and his administration made other mistakes.

For example, the Coronavirus “strike force” Gov. Polis proudly touted as a “national model” to combat nursing home deaths included exactly one employee. Far from being the rapid response operation it was billed as, the strike force helped in supplying some limited staffing needs and not much else.

With so many tragic nursing home deaths on Gov. Polis’s watch and questions still left unresolved, your state deserves answers. At the very least, Coloradans, especially those who lost a loved one in a nursing home, are entitled to a bipartisan investigation to determine where Gov. Polis and his administration went so wrong.

That Democrats in the Colorado State House have come out against conducting such an investigation begs the question if they are afraid of transparency or what they’re worried the governor’s office might be hiding.

It’s a safe bet that Jared Polis won’t be awarded an Emmy for his COVID failures like Andrew Cuomo was. Now it’s also up to Coloradans to make sure he doesn’t get a second term as governor.

Thomas O. Hicks, Jr. (“Tommy”) was elected to serve as co-chairman of the Republican National Committee in January 2019.


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