Michael Lowery

Reflecting on the failures of the Republican Party in Colorado, as a Republican and conservative since 1974, one issue surfaces: outrage at Democrats and their policies is insufficient.

We criticize the mainstream media for their lies and distortions, but our conservative media and our politicians spend the majority of cable TV, radio, and social media time ginning up outrage, as opposed to pitching specific conservative principles and policy. They also take the easy shots echoing national outrage while ignoring critical statewide issues.

It might make the media and their stars a lot of money, but it is not advancing the case for a conservative America, nor looking at the last election, winning a majority of voters. Outrage is not enough. Counterpropaganda is not enough.

While leftists and Progressives are inculcating our children from kindergarten through college, conservatives, our foundations, our media barons throw up their hands in understandable disarray. While the left has religionized the Greens, created the Church of Climate Change, canonized Stacy Abrams, demonized Donald Trump, it is hard to remember one brilliant intellectual conservative, other than William F. Buckley.

It can be argued that if Trump had focused on his many accomplishments and not Joe Biden, he would have won the election. Our messaging is hopelessly irrelevant.

As a lifetime entrepreneur, I began volunteering with our local Junior Achievement in 1974, continued as a board member, moved to the international program in 1991, volunteered with Winrock International for 15 years, volunteer with Common Pastures and the USAID Farmer to Farmer program in Africa and Central America for the last decade.

The exceptionalism of America really strikes home after a couple of weeks in a Third-World country run by a tragically corrupt government, asset-stripping and flogging their own peoples. Progressives, young ones, don’t see this, but they will.

The solution to our dilemma is to cease the outrage, review the bedrock principles of free markets, balanced budgets, personal finance, civilized values, inspire our children, and outreach every opportunity. Republicans, our media, our organizations must focus on the conservative ideals, their practical value, their historic relevance.

Resurrect the Church of Conservatism, preach a sermon every week. America is amazingly exceptional, we have to keep explaining why.

Michael Lowery is an entrepreneur and longtime Colorado Springs resident.


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