America was a country built on fundamental truths and liberties. Of these, one of the most important is individual freedom and the ability to make decisions for oneself. That is what makes President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate so unconscionable.

His mandate goes against the will of the Founders to create a limited federal government with minimal influence or interference in your daily lives.

I am vaccinated and encourage everyone eligible to get the vaccine. I support the COVID-19 vaccines, which were created by the Trump administration under Operation Warp Speed. They are overwhelmingly safe and effective.

The vaccines exemplify the importance of the public-private partnership and what we can accomplish if we allow the private sector to act without burdensome regulations.

However, I believe it is fundamentally an individual’s right to choose whether to get vaccinated in consultation with their doctor. Individual freedom is one of the cornerstones of our Republic.

Biden’s vaccine mandate is the latest overstep by the federal government.

The Biden administration has proven to be the most authoritarian in American history. They are using the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate parents expressing their First Amendment rights at school boards across the country. They are even attempting to have the IRS spy on your bank account.

With this federal vaccine mandate, the administration is now trying to invade the private medical decisions of citizens across the country. These actions will have serious and long-lasting consequences.

We are facing a massive labor shortage that will only be exacerbated with this federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Initially, businesses throughout the country had to survive the forced lock downs from state and local officials. Then businesses on main street were forced to compete with expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government. Now, those who worked throughout the pandemic are in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they choose not to be vaccinated.

These labor shortages will affect all aspects of life, including the military, health care workers, first responders, TSA agents, pilots, and even wildland firefighters. Expect more flight delays and cancellations. Expect to have a more challenging time containing wildfires throughout the West. Expect to face longer wait times at doctors’ offices and hospitals throughout the region. The negative consequences on our military readiness are astounding. Tragically, many businesses will move towards automation or be forced to close altogether.

President Biden’s actions will not have the desired effect.

Mandates do not lead to increased vaccinations. Instead, they further politicize the issue and make it one about personal liberties, not public health. A better solution would be to encourage those who are hesitant to consult with their doctors or medical professionals. They should never feel forced.

Democrats are increasingly trying to radically change America. Biden wants to insert the federal government into the middle of the most personal family decisions, those that revolve around their health and well-being.

I strongly oppose this blatant federal overreach and remain committed to ensuring the federal government doesn’t trample on your rights and privacy.

Doug Lamborn serves as the U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

Doug Lamborn currently serves as the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 5th congressional district.


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