Michael Lowery

If we are ever going to contain the social and ethnic distress that is afflicting our country, we need a “grand unified theory” that explains all the dangerous forces shooting neutrons into our national atomic core before it explodes.

Herein is such a theory starting with the problem: Big corporate earnings are flat in the U.S. The past 20 years of globalism resulted in a migration of talent and labor to both coasts, where, in short, all the money is to be made offshore for the corporates on the East coast, and all the money is to be made offshore on the West coast.

The rest of the country is a relic, where, other than Boeing, nobody is moving their corporate headquarters. None of our national politicians or corporate elites want us, the vast swath of Midwesterners, to understand those of us in the flyover states have all the appeal of Central Botswana, economically and politically.

Former President Donald Trump assembled a coalition of the ignored and oppressed, but it threatened the power structure on both coasts — thus the successful effort to remove him.

The elites on the Atlantic coast want to join the EU, where they think they can make all their money, find social peers; elites on the West coast want to join China and the Pacific Rim, where they think they will make all their money.

The role of our military is now to keep China in check, to keep a buoyant market, and Russia in check, ditto the EU. The rest of the U.S., not involved in globalism, is seen by political and corporate elites as a relic of the 1950s.

Chicago, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia are convenient warehouse locations for Amazon and cheap labor, supplemented by the really cheap labor crossing our borders.

Why ethnic strife, and why is our national news media fabricating and lying to us in league with politicians and progressives to destabilize our democracy? Because the mainstream U.S. no longer matters to corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta.

Because the media for the most part is owned by the corporates, CNN by AT&T, for instance. The politicians collaborate gleefully as a result.

Ethnic conflict keeps the news media and Americans busy while they go about globalizing the coasts and reorganizing the US financial system, ignoring the huge strides in race relations since the 1960s.

Trillions are printed but it is harder than ever to get a home loan, your IRS check trivial to what Treasury borrowed on your behalf.

The more ethnic conflict the better, that’s why corporates are investing heavily in social justice organizations tearing the country apart, why they are now in opposition to conservative principles.

Socialistic policy and regulations hurt small competitors far more than large corporations, who are doing business offshore.

The more ethnic conflict for in our political theater, the better, it keeps attention away from the disastrous policies politicians are implementing. We can’t talk about real solutions to social unrest, like mom-dad families, because any rational discussion is drowned out by racism. That is intentional.

Corporates run the show because corporates have a lot of income and little debt, while government has massive debt and little income.

Americans should understand that the East and West coasts are no longer part of the United States, which is why progressives want a new Constitution and destroy what little is left of 1950s America, why they are willing to burn Ferguson and Minneapolis.

Michael Lowery is a lifetime entrepreneur and long-time Colorado Springs resident.

Michael Lowery is a lifetime entrepreneur and long-time Colorado Springs resident.


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