Robert Blaha March 3, 2016. Contributed photo

It is difficult to describe the mess we have witnessed with Adam’s Schiff’s juggling act in this modern-day Spanish Inquisition.

Not only has this farce been primarily sound and fury leading absolutely nowhere, it charts a course and a process of dismantling the American justice system.

We’ve witnessed no special counsel, no professional investigation, no impartial evaluation — the precedent verges on planned anarchy.

This gross failure at due process opens a chapter in American politics that transcends party. Beginning in November, the rulebook for “what’s acceptable — what’s fair” in America has been challenged and potentially altered for the worse.

Here are three processes that, due to this new scorched-Earth policy philosophy, will now rule the day if not stopped:

First, every president (and other politicians) regardless of party affiliation, are “fair” impeachment prey for the foreseeable future.

Based solely on political incantations, future leaders will be subjected to constant noise from the impeachment choir. Forget high crimes, “we just want you gone so we can purify the realm” will become the new norm.

Although this seems an unlikely potential in a thriving democracy, it is happening right in front of a sleeping American populace.

Second, the hurdle for acceptable political disembowelment, particularly impeachment, has been lowered to new depths.

Most assaults in the political sphere focus on individual acts or behavior while simultaneously trying to move public opinion and alter perception by attacking the target. In the current proceedings, the target is a president and the attack is based on third-party hearsay by individuals who have never shaken the man’s hand and have little to no knowledge of actual events.

Imagine the next president, of either party, who dares to challenge the permanent political class. Simple curiosity would lead to every foreign conversation, text, email, or casual phone call being subject to insane scrutiny, secondhand guessing and knee jerk “Schiffing” analyses.

Finally, hate-fueled desperate actions will replace fact-driven protocol, the rule of law and common sense in the examination and potential “figurative” execution of political rivals.

Since attacks, smears and insinuations regulate the political day, specific acts, firsthand accounts and professional due process might now be on the way to the dumpster.

We stand threateningly near the fire angrily waiting to burn democracy down.

If disapproval and dislike replace common sense and provable accusations, the union is very possibly at risk.

This has nothing to do with party politics but rather everything to do with the future of our nation’s political norms.

We must not chase windmills and allow the desire to win, regardless the cost, to dictate our emotions, which is what we are seeing oozing out of Washington, D.C.

Fortunately, this isn’t Spain in 1500, we still have a chance to steer this ship from the iceberg it is swiftly approaching.

The saving grace for this country is that the American political system is not controlled by Ferdinand and Isabella.

We, you and I and every other God-fearing American, are the ones in control. All we have to do is put a stop to the madness and take authority of the ship.

Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha was chairman of Trump for Colorado in 2016.

Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha was Chairman of Trump for Colorado in 2016.

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