Daniel Garza

Over the course of his first term, Sen. Cory Gardner has championed policies that are a little different from the way things are typically done in Washington. Rather than choosing to vest more power in the hands of the federal government, Gardner chooses to put his trust in us, the people.

As part of the Libre Initiative Action, we are committed to electing policy champions who will empower the Hispanic community with greater opportunity, freedom and choice.

That’s why we support Cory Gardner to represent Colorado in the Senate. After all, he puts his trust in us. We should put our trust in him.

The Hispanic community knows how important it is to have elected representatives who listen and engage on the issues. Working families are concerned about the economy, health care, common sense immigration reform and other important policy questions. Sen. Gardner has listened — and answered.

Gardner puts his trust in us when pursuing health care reform policies designed to return choice to individuals. While some lawmakers are working toward a top-down, single-payer approach to health care — which would concentrate even more authority in Washington — Gardner has chosen to remove onerous regulations on care, an approach designed to provide greater options to patients.

That sort of flexibility is important if you’re a worker who can’t easily make time for doctor’s visits, or if a member of your family is more comfortable with a Spanish-speaking physician. Sen. Gardner understands that not every community — and not every family — has the same needs and concerns when it comes to medical care.

Sen. Gardner has been working to curb unnecessary restrictions on access to telemedicine. This innovative service allows patients in rural areas and those with limited mobility to get the care they need, right from their homes, from a professional medical provider. In a state of wide-open spaces like Colorado, telemedicine is often a lifesaver.

This service has proved exceptionally useful in the fight against COVID-19 as a tool to promote social distancing and relieve the immense burden on health care providers.

Rather than choosing to restrict choice in health care by concentrating power in Washington, as some lawmakers are proposing, Gardner has devoted his first term in the Senate to expanding that choice.

He has also shown his trust in Americans in his fight for lower taxes. Some lawmakers in Washington believe that our money is in better hands when held by the government, an assumption that does not put much faith in Americans to run their lives.

Gardner operates on a better assumption: Americans know best how to save and spend the money they earn. That’s true for Hispanic workers and families, who make up a disproportionate share of young workers — and are often saving for a home, education or other priority.

That’s why he supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which allowed Americans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and gave a huge boost to families, businesses and jobs. Every income group in every congressional district in the state benefited.

When it comes to immigration, Gardner again can be found on the side of individuals affected by the policy, rather than with those touting partisan grand schemes.

When Congress, the president and even the federal courts were at loggerheads over the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program that protects Dreamers, Gardner reached across the aisle to team up with fellow Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, and co-sponsored legislation to provide permanent legal status to DACA participants.

He rejected the status quo and worked on trying to accomplish something for Colorado, and the estimated tens of thousands of dreamers who call our state home, in a bipartisan fashion.

At the same time, Gardner has worked to better secure the border, an essential component of a modernized immigration system.

The senator has chosen to fulfill the core duties of the government when it comes to immigration, while also ensuring that the government doesn’t maintain too heavy a hand in the personal lives of individuals.

Gardner’s first term demonstrates a quality often lacking in Washington: trust in Americans.

Time and again, he has worked to provide more choices and better options to families, job creators and immigrants, confident that they can run their lives better than Washington can.

Sen. Cory Gardner trusts us. His record in Congress shows it. That’s why we should trust him for another term in November.

Daniel Garza is senior adviser at the LIBRE Initiative Action. Angel Merlos is an adviser at the LIBRE Initiative Action Colorado.

Daniel Garza is senior advisor at the LIBRE Initiative Action. Angel Merlos is an advisor at the LIBRE Initiative Action Colorado.


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