Danny Moore

This election is going to be about solutions to the difficult issues the working men and women of Colorado face at their kitchen tables each day — rising gas prices, unbearable inflation, soaring crime, and our children, who are suffering.

From Day One, the biased media hasn’t really asked substantive questions about the many failures of Joe Biden and Jared Polis on these issues. Rather, they continuously ask questions meant to divide and distract us, like gratuitous questions about whether the last election was stolen. And now, since I joined Heidi Ganahl’s ticket, the media’s misguided focus has only gotten worse.

I’d like to take a chance to clear this up, so we can get on to the real problems that the working men and women of Colorado face.

Many Coloradans have expressed concerns regarding the integrity of the 2020 election. But I believe, and have always believed, that Joe Biden was legitimately elected president and that he is our commander in chief. And boy, I wish he wasn’t. Our country was in much better shape just two years ago.

No, “stolen” is not the right descriptor for the election. That said, there were legitimate concerns over a number of election issues:

The mainstream liberal media ignoring key stories that made their candidate look bad.

Big tech playing favorites and controlling what political reporting we saw online.

A liberal Facebook billionaire spending hundreds of millions to infiltrate county election offices, so they could push data sharing agreements, voting methods and outreach efforts in heavily Democrat areas.

And the judicial system allowing Democratic operatives to make massive last-minute changes to voting laws in various key states that were not prepared to handle mail-in balloting.

The funny thing is, the elitist media did not call out Al Gore, Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams when they each repeatedly claimed that their elections were stolen. Ms. Abrams has yet to concede her election defeat.

Last week, the media failed to highlight who I am as a leader and why Jared Polis and the far-left Democrats are afraid of our ticket. They’re afraid because they know they can’t run on Polis’ record.

That’s why Polis and the Democrats spent $3 million in Colorado’s recent Republican primary in a failed attempt to actually pick their opponent.

Heidi and I are proven leaders with years of successful entrepreneurial experience that we will use to turn our state’s economy around. We have both lived the American Dream.

I started my life in the projects of Louisiana and went on to serve 24 years in the Navy, rising to the highest enlisted rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. I didn’t miss a beat when I left the Navy, starting a software company that has since grown from just me to more than 100 employees. I am excited to join Heidi’s ticket because I share her passion for education, small business and the rule of law.

We are done responding to this politically driven question about the 2020 election. We will point the media to this piece when they say I have not answered the election question for each of you.

But know this, we are going to start asking legitimate questions to Jared Polis: questions about why he was part of the reckless elite that defunded the police, shut down our energy business, locked down our economy, raised our taxes and undermined our schools.

Coloradans deserve to know what the path to unleashing our state’s potential and undoing the damage Jared Polis’ tax and spend policies looks like. Our campaign is about those kitchen table issues that voters actually care about.

Danny Moore is the Colorado Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate. He is a successful entrepreneur and a Navy veteran of 24 years who joined Heidi Ganahl’s ticket this month. Moore is the president and owner of DeNOVO Solutions and Thornberry Consulting. He has nearly 43 years of operational and business experience in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Danny Moore is the Colorado Republican Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate. He is a successful entrepreneur and a Navy veteran of 24 years who joined Heidi Ganahl’s ticket earlier this month. Moore is the President and Owner of DeNOVO Solutions, LLC and Thornberry Consulting. He has nearly 43 years of operational and business experience in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.


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