Scott Tipton Trump Impeachment (copy)

Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colo., speaks to the House of Representatives in file photo.

Thank you, Rep. Scott Tipton, for 10 years of competent and dedicated service to Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Tipton lost the Republican primary Tuesday in the Third Congressional District to Lauren Boebert, the colorful, gun-toting owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle — a restaurant known for female wait staff who wear guns on their hips. We look forward to learning more about Boebert. If she wins a seat in Congress, we hope she will carry on with the best of Tipton’s priorities while promoting good new ideas.

Though Tipton lacks the glitzy characteristics of Boebert — a media fascination who could become a national celebrity if elected to Congress — he did a solid job of achieving outcomes for the western slopes, the rest of Colorado, and the country.

Tipton did congressional trench work to improve the management of federal forests, prevent wildfires, and encourage new and traditional energy development.

As co-founder of the bipartisan Congressional Small Business Caucus, Tipton consistently worked to help small businesses survive and flourish. As vice-chair of the Congressional Western Caucus, Tipton balanced Colorado’s need for energy production against the need for conservation and responsible environmental stewardship.

Whoever represents the Third District, Republican or Democrat, should continue Tipton’s crusade for children. He was a leader in advancing Katie’s Law, which establishes minimum standards for DNA collection to help solve crimes against children.

Congratulations to Tipton for five good terms, and to Boebert for an underdog primary win. We hope each will work to bring peace to our unstable country in all future endeavors.

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