Trump Planned Parenthood (copy)

A Planned Parenthood clinic in 2019.

Thousands of businesses have been forced to close their doors as states battle the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses deemed “essential,” however, have been granted an exception, and, in most states, that exception includes Planned Parenthood.

The abortion giant is still operating in every state but Texas, with the state’s temporary closure of abortion clinics (except for medical emergencies) having been upheld by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday. Ohio, Alabama, Iowa, and Oklahoma followed Texas’s lead, arguing that the states should direct medical resources toward the fight against COVID-19, but abortion activist groups quickly filed lawsuits to delay the bans from going into effect.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s doors are still open. The liberal states have argued that abortion is an “essential” service because it qualifies as health care, and some of the more centrist states have simply fallen for the false narrative that Planned Parenthood is a health care provider first and an abortion center second.

Planned Parenthood’s decisions, however, have undermined that notion. The abortion giant chose to close many of its health centers due to concerns about the coronavirus last week and instead focus its resources on abortion clinics, which have reportedly experienced an uptick in business over the past few weeks.

“To ensure the health and safety of our patients, staff, and community, Planned Parenthood Keystone has temporarily closed all of its health centers for family planning visits effective March 23, 2020,” read one notice from a Pennsylvania branch.

“At this time, Planned Parenthood Keystone is serving patients in Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Warminster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg for abortion services only.”

Planned Parenthood of southeastern Pennsylvania posted a notice saying: “Effective March 25, 2020, we have temporarily closed our Health Centers to ensure the health and safety of our patients, staff, and community.” However, above that notice, a banner appears, declaring, “COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Abortion Centers are open!”

The company’s health centers could have legally remained open in most states since they focus almost exclusively on providing basic medical resources — STD testing, pregnancy services, and vaccines.

They even could have aided the fight against COVID-19 by sharing basic protective equipment with local hospitals. But the abortion giant chose to shut down its health centers and has even tried to fundraise off this cynical move, which reveals its true priorities for the umpteenth time.

This should put to rest the talking point from those who argue that abortion is not the central part of the organization’s mission and that it’s really primarily focused on women’s health.

Unfortunately, only a few states have had the courage to challenge the abortion giant. Its abortion clinic waiting rooms are likely aiding the spread of the coronavirus even now.

Planned Parenthood is not an “essential” organization.

It never has been. Indeed, when the organization was given the chance to aid the essential fight against a threat to public health with resources or assistance to overworked doctors and nurses, it chose instead to close its health centers and focus on aborting babies.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Planned Parenthood cares little about preserving human life.

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