Eric Sondermann

Eric Sondermann

To 2021, we bid a not so fond adieu

The prevailing sentiment having been a distinct boo-hoo.

Though, for most, it was better than the year before

Few will shed a tear in showing it the door.

It started with quite the bang on January 6th

Trump inciting his crowd to overturn an election he thought fixed.

Toward the Capitol he pointed with thinly veiled direction

His fragile psyche required nothing less than insurrection.

Nearly twelve months later and some still downplay

The meaning and magnitude of what transpired that day.

It was the exclamation point on our great divide

The notion that it couldn’t happen here forever died.

As an opening act, that was definitely a tone-setter

While the country prayed that the year might get better.

Two weeks later, we inaugurated ancient Joe Biden

In his fragile hands, a lot of high hopes were ridin’.

His early months were mostly good enough

The storyline waited to become that of a muff.

It all went quite bad with the scenes from Kabul

“That’s the best we could do,” said only a fool.

In a 50-50 Senate, the votes Dems could not muster

Much less overcome any threatened filibuster.

So much would hinge on another ol’ Joe

Manchin from West Virginia would ultimately say no.

Dem fortunes were made worse by the mess on the border

Kamala was in charge, but could not assure order.

While inflation kicked in and prices went up with a bump

Biden’s polls sagged each time someone pulled up to the pump.

The Great Resignation ensued, causing employers a fit

Workers sang out, “You can take this job and shove it.”

Economists took to the airwaves to attempt to explain

Why we could no longer assume a reliable supply chain.

For Dems, it was a trio of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer

The first two being too old to even qualify as a boomer.

While Trump tried to purge any GOPers who dared disagree

Attacking, lambasting Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Near the Ukraine, sabers are rattled by Vladimir Putin

For whom NATO and the sane world are definitely not rootin’.

For Hong Kong and the Uyghurs, it’s repression by Xi

Hopes for freedom are waning as he rules by decree.

For the second year, COVID was again front and center

Without a vaccine card, the rule said, “Don’t enter.”

Millions and millions rejoiced in the jab

But the overall tenor remained depressed and quite drab.

For vast numbers, safety was found behind the mask

But for others, that was a favor too much to ask.

While air travel is the main way we get there, y’all

Too often these days, a flight descends to a brawl.

In Colorado, news is dominated by Jared Polis, our gov

He commands decent respect, but not so much love.

During COVID month after month, he ruled without fear

Though has now changed his tune as reelection draws near.

From the impeachment trial, Joe Neguse was the buzz

Leaving many hanging on whatever he utters and does.

While in Mesa County, one could only marvel and sigh

At the exploits of Tina Peters and the MyPillow guy.

Rarely quiet or decent is new Congresswoman Boebert

From grace or civility, she makes it her job to divert.

Mayor Hancock has struggled between DIA and encampments

Though he still has his cronies, what a bunch of fine gents.

Going broader again, there’s been much talk of CRT

All about group identity – why “us” and not “me?”

In Virginia, parents decided the main electoral duel

Done being told to keep their nose out of school.

Rittenhouse was acquitted; Arbery’s killers found guilty

We await Ghislaine’s verdict, while feeling just dirty.

CNN and NY said goodbye to brothers Cuomo

Both were belated; both called out for “no-mo.”

As the year nears it end, there’s a tale of much woe

From those growing resigned to the demise of Roe.

Long months ago, no matter how worried and on guard

I dare say no one had Omicron on their 2021 bingo card.

That’s the past year in a nutshell and also in rhyme

To a calmer New Year; would that not be sublime?

Eric Sondermann is a Colorado-based independent political commentator. He writes regularly for ColoradoPolitics and the Gazette newspapers. Reach him at; follow him at @EricSondermann

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