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Some people say that home schooling is a horrible way to teach kids, and I’d say the people that say that weren’t home schooled and my personal experience states otherwise. Now I’m sure that you’ve thought about what home schooling is and what it’s like. Well first off, “regular” school isn’t actually regular school, in today’s society it is but historically, home schooling came first. Originally there were no classrooms, there were just parents teaching their kids to be successful in life, that’s exactly what home schooling is today.

Listed below are a few of the main claims that people try to use when stating that home schooling is a horrible way to teach future generations.

• Time: There is the argument about how the parents have to manage their time to teach their kids. While this is a good argument, any of the parents that home school their kids have to be 100 percent committed to teaching their kids no matter what. This point also follows into the following argument.

• Patience: Apparently the argument is that the parents can lose patience with their kids when teaching them something, and I have one thing to say about that. If the parent loves their kids enough to personally make sure that their kid gets a good education, they can give their kid a break on not being able to understand the Pythagorean Theorem and be able to actually help them understand how to do it.

Allow me to bring up one of my favorite ideas about home schooling before I go on: The fact that you get individual teaching. In public school you get practically no individual teaching. This reminds me of a personal story about the difference between home schooling and public schooling. I was in fifth grade at the time, and was in a public school. We were learning about how to multiply two and three digit numbers (which I can do quite well now). So I was having trouble understanding it (I do not blame the school for not understanding it, at this point math was confusing, especially at 5th grade, for me at least). So a teacher came to help me out, I admire his effort but when he left to help some other kids or whatever, he left me even more confused than before. Then, later that day I’m telling my mom about how I’m confused about how to do this math technique and she instantly gets the mini white board and actually teaches me how to do it — versus the teacher who just showed me how to do it.

• Socialization: This is a complete low blow from public schools to home schools. I will enjoy being able to crush this argument. (Note: this is based on home schoolers that have siblings that are home schooled too, I’ll focus on the single children later.) Home schoolers are around their siblings and parents a lot more than other kids their age. But this can bring these siblings closer together and it can last longer than any other friendship that the kid could have if he was in public school, simply because they’re family. This was certainly the case with me and my sister who was also home schooled and we used to be at each other’s throats all the time. And if the home schooler is a single child, I can come up with three other options for socialization:

Church: If your family is ‘religious’ or however you want to call it, this is an excellent way for your kid to make friends (mainly if the church has a youth group or a class dedicated to a certain age group).

Co-ops: Again, amazing ways to meet kids your age and in some co-ops you can still learn stuff as a ‘school of home schoolers’ as I like to call it.

Other extracurricular activities: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

In conclusion, home schooling is an amazing alternative to public school, it’s personalized to your academic needs where the teacher knows what makes you tick, what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are.

They can give you relevant information about life and your teacher loves and cares about you enough to give you a good education and personally see it through.

Conner Dant is a student at Academy Online High School.

Conner Dant is a student at Academy Online High School.

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