Patrick Neville

You probably remember that kid on the playground who wanted to make himself look like the tough guy — the boss of everyone. Kids like this typically come up suddenly, push their target to the ground while making some indiscernible accusation and finish off by saying something like, “and I saw you with that kid who ate the boogers he picked from his nose too!” Ian Silverii is the kind of bully who calls names first but can’t think later.

Silverii is doing this because he doesn’t like the recall filed against Rochelle Galindo in House District 50 in Greeley. His weak effort to color supporters of that recall as “bigots” and “anti-Semites” is ridiculous on its face. He claims the recall is, “an opportunistic and cynical abuse of a constitutional power, exploited by extremely sore losers to overturn the results of an election they lost fair and square.”

Let’s be clear. The Colorado constitution allows for recalls by anyone for any reason. Article XXI, Section 1 is unambiguous: “Every elective public officer of the state of Colorado may be recalled from office.” It requires that the “petition shall contain a general statement, in not more than 200 words, of the ground or grounds on which such recall is sought. Coloradans may pursue recalls for any reason they deem appropriate as long as they can make a case for it. And in the case for the recall of Galindo, the reasons are clear.

We are hearing from people all over our state who are concerned about the radical agenda Democrats are pushing in Denver. And it’s much more than voters thought they were getting last year. These voters read the news, and they’re shocked and frustrated. The people of Weld County and the City of Greeley have been particularly put at risk by Galindo’s voting record.

She has voted to put gun owners at risk of losing their guns without due-process or the ability to defend themselves in court prior to an officer coming unannounced to their door to take them away. Yet she said during her campaign that she strongly supports the 2nd Amendment.

She told voters in the Denver Post, “I will fight to ensure that we are creating more jobs that pay a livable wage and that raise the standard of living for Northern Colorado.” Yet her vote for a massive expansion of oil and gas regulation that is already causing companies in Weld County to consider halting new development putting hundreds (maybe thousands) of the best paying jobs in Greeley and around Weld County at risk.

Galindo and Democrats aren’t “doing exactly what they told the voters who overwhelmingly elected them” in 2018 as Silverii claims.

Fifty-eight percent of Coloradans (and more than 70 percent of people in Galindo’s district) rejected Proposition 112 which would have decimated the oil and gas industry. Yet Democrats in the General Assembly pushed through a bill which will do even more than Prop. 112 to eliminate jobs and shut down oil and gas production.

The last time Democrats attempted to place a major restriction on gun owners in 2013, citizens recalled three legislators, another resigned before she could be recalled as well. Yet the “Red Flag” bill they passed this year violates Coloradans’ Second Amendment rights in a worse way. And Galindo supported it.

No, this is not some cynical reaction to difficult losses by Republicans last year. This is an opportunity for the people of Colorado to fix the mistrust Democrats have created with voters. Coloradans have realized they were duped. And they want to take back their state.

Any other recalls that might emerge this year won’t be as Silverii claims, “aimed at women, people of color, or LGBTQ lawmakers.” They will arise because the policies of lawmakers — whether in these groups or not — have violated the trust of the Colorado voters who elected them. And I am confident the people of our state will do their best to replace those recalled with representatives who will restore the public trust.

Silverii and his ilk are threatening Colorado voters with retribution if they support any recall efforts. He said it clearly: “attempts to overturn the results of that election will be met with prejudice….” That sort of absolutist, exclusionary thinking is what we’ve come to expect from the “progressive” Left in this state. And it provides more than sufficient reason to aggressively support recalls of Democrats wherever they may arise.

Patrick Neville is a Colorado politician and a member of the Colorado House of Representatives from the 45th District, which includes much of Douglas County.

Patrick Neville is a Colorado politician and a member of the Colorado House of Representatives from the 45th District, which includes much of Douglas County.

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