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Robert Blaha March 3, 2016. Contributed photo

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Dear President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania,

This Christmas, we would like to thank you for being the leaders you are. In spite of all the unprecedented hate and vitriol you have taken, you continue to stand strong and support our amazing country. There has been no other president or first lady we are aware of, who has withstood the tidal wave of lies and savage mockery that you have. But you are still standing, and millions of patriots are watching and applauding your tenacity and service.

Multitudes of Americans no longer listen to the fake news; realizing it is nothing more than a bellicose propaganda outlet for the liberal agenda. They hate you, Mr. Trump, because you have exposed the corrupt and greedy nature of American politics. They abandoned the middle class long ago, and most support only their own positions of power, prestige and wealth. They represent what is wrong in America, while you both strive to do what will keep America great.

We are no longer enthralled with the permanent political class and Hollywood elite who, without pause, ridicule and mock you and your family with disgusting comments and comedic rants. We are not listening.

President Trump, as millions of citizens recognize, you could be spending your coming years in luxury surrounded by fawning fans of all ages but you have sacrificed your future for the country you love. You both stand as a stark contrast to the motivation of most politicians who enter the political arena for the purpose of attaining what you willingly walked away from.

A few inconvenient facts need to be foot stomped:

You have elevated America to her rightful place of respect and when necessary feared position in the world. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanagh and dozens of other key judicial appointments have resulted in placing individuals on the federal bench who interpret the Constitution based on our founders’ original intent.

Wages for working Americans are at an all-time high in over a decade; while unemployment is the lowest it has been in 50 years. For African Americans unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. We are putting extra cash in our pockets because of tax cuts you promised and secured. We are no longer dependent on foreign oil. We are moving in many good directions! So we are thankful for your sacrifice.

Melania, you are one of the most elegant and lovely first lady to inhabit the White House. The media ignores you and belittles you because you are a Trump, but we are thankful for the talented and graceful woman you are. You are a wonderful role model for all who have daughters.

We are praying for you, Mr. President and Melania. We thank God every day you are doing your best to make all of us proud to be Americans again. Keep going. Don’t be deferred by the haters; there is an army behind you. We are all excited to see a new year approaching and greatness for our country continue.

From the millions who join and agree with us.

Merry Christmas from the unknown masses!

Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha was Chairman of Trump for Colorado in 2016.

Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha was Chairman of Trump for Colorado in 2016.

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