Rachel Stovall

Have you noticed? As we move into the holiday season relational systems around us have a time of thanksgiving. Families, civic groups, and religious groups like churches, temples, mosques, or synagogues — all have a time of counting one’s blessings.

And an attitude of gratefulness has been scientifically researched and proven to improve quality of life.

Some even have days set apart to celebrate what we have. There’s Kwaanza, Hannakah, Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Winter Solstice, Christmas and likely some others that I have missed.

Most of us will go into December being grateful.

Some of us will donate to charities or causes. Others will invite a hurting neighbor to eat with us.

That is thanksgiving.

But for those who worship at the altar of toxic politics there will be no time to rest or reflect. No rest for the wicked.

For the DC Swamp there will be no time of appreciation or reflection. They are on the 24/7 news cycle with the fake news, lies, accusations and “actions” against their political enemies. The fighting will not stop for a single second.

Don’t take my word for it, just tune in. I did. I think that I was hoping to catch one of the parades.

Instead I was treated to a poisonous stream of political mayhem. I received from panels in nauseating detail, who is blasting who, who is angry and what seems to be an endless tiresome display of media and political outcry.

This is anything but giving thanks.

Mad at the television, I sat at my computer and logged on to social media. My intent was to post a cheerful Thanksgiving post. I combed thru some pictures online looking for a picture of a cornucopia — a symbol of plenty consisting of a basket woven, goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.

My thought is that I’ll write a message of thankfulness for family and friends. People were responding to me with cheerful turkey and pumpkin memes. And then I made the mistake of looking at my news feed.

More poisonous political turmoil. Apparently, people are angry with Kanye West for keeping his home from burning down in California. When did we become upset at people protecting the things that they have bought? It was crazy, and I wasn’t smart enough to just type somewhere else.

Here is what some fool told me online:

“Rachel think about the difference between the examples of the K’s and Kanye with their multi millions and their neighbors who have lost everything while some so-called ‘private’ fire-fighting squad was nearby saving vehicles worth as much as their houses. To me the only way those who benefited from their “famous-ness” could redeem their selfish disregard of their neighbors would to be rebuilding the neighborhoods with their own money. Sure I sound judgmental... but it is NOT from envy or jealousy!!!”

That is some of the most toxic political thinking that I have ever seen. Let’s be clear, if your neighborhood burns down you do not owe all your neighbors new houses bought with your money. I am sure that folks who lived through the Colorado fires know this.

This attitude is anything but giving thanks.

These poisonous politicos won’t even allow people who are content to stay that way.

For these people envy of those who earn more is entry to their club. Instead of training their followers to be grateful, they instill entitlement to what others have earned. No thanksgiving there.

For those embedded in political toxin revolving around politics, they won’t be counting their own blessings. They’ll be busy counting yours. Or mine. And demanding that you and I pay for what they want.

This is shameful.

Don’t buy into this idea that someone else should pay your way. Take this holiday season and only count blessings that are your own.

Rachel Stovall is a longtime community advocate and organizer. Also a fundraising, media and marketing consultant, Stovall is most known for singing with her dance band Phat Daddy and the Phat Horn Doctors.

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