Rachel Stovall

Recently it was the Smithsonian vs. Donald J Trump, Jr. I am siding with Trump. Let me tell you why.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History engaged in undeniable racism. They put a poster on the government website, stating that “Whiteness” is: The nuclear family, respect for authority, hard work, objective thinking, and self-reliance.

Donald J. Trump Jr. led the charge against the Smithsonian — a government agency — tweeting,

“Important: These aren’t “white” values. They’re American values that built the world’s greatest civilization. They help you succeed here, no matter your color. So make no mistake, Joe Biden’s radicals aren’t coming for “whites,” they’re coming for the entire American way of life.”

Conservative author Ben Shapiro jumped into the fight against the Smithsonian saying the poster “suggests all pathways to success — hard work, stable family structure, individual decision-making — represent complicity in white supremacy.” He described that view as “crazy and evil.”

Trump and Shapiro are right. But there is more to consider.

The “whiteness” poster was also widely decried by Black conservatives as condescending and unfair to Black Americans. Describing only “whiteness” as successful is the very definition of racist.

It is also untrue. In 2020, 80% of Black families (like 90% of white families) in America do not live in poverty.

The racializing of traits that increase upward mobility in the United States insults every person of every race. It suggests to all Americans that they must refuse success to avoid being somehow complicit in racism.

The graphic was removed from the government-sponsored website within days. Interim director — Spencer Crew — said the chart is not racist. “We’re trying to talk about ideology, not about people,” he said.

This may surprise you, but I also agree with Mr. Crew. The Smithsonian staff like many progressives in government positions are indeed talking about ideology. Toxic ideology.

Marxism and socialism propose alternate ways of organizing society, where working-class (poor) people own and control the means of production. They say that capitalism is dependent on racism to thrive. These progressives of all races believe and promote the idea that nonwhite equals poor.

Marxism and Socialism are misleading because working class people can control the means of production in America. We call that owning your own business. The entrepreneurship has given many poor people of all races a path into the middle class.

Far left Marxists and Socialists are against success regardless of race.

Their sick beliefs are spread through media, art, entertainment, education, and some government. These political ideologues take advantage of actual, perceived (or preconceived) racial problems in our country to keep Americans fighting each other.

Every American citizen regardless of race, should fight these toxic ideas.

You see as a rule — like Karl Marx — Socialists and Marxists are the real racists. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History is no exception.

Right after the poster came out, former staff and board members of The Smithsonian have delivered an open letter urging them to fix their “culture of racism” at this museum. The letter paints a picture of the team behind the “Whiteness” poster as a group creating a racially hostile work environment.

There were multiple complaints filed by former and even present Black employees in the last 5 years concerning racism, aggression, and mismanagement. Allegations also list racial abuse within interviews, hiring, daily interactions and bullying toward Black workers who dared to raise concerns.

Are we surprised?

In addition, for the last 10 years, The Smithsonian curatorial staff had no African American staff members. Black arts professionals all over the country have applied to join the institution but were not considered.

To learn about our racial history, I would not follow these fools across the street. Nor should you.

In America, government supported racism is why we have civil rights legislation. Until the Smithsonian can operate in a racially fair and inclusive way, they should stop trying to teach anyone about race in general and “Whiteness” in particular.

Since they are supported by our tax dollars, maybe we should defund them instead of the police.

Rachel Stovall is a longtime community advocate and organizer. Also a fundraising, media and marketing consultant, Stovall is most known for singing with her dance band Phat Daddy and the Phat Horn Doctors.

Rachel Stovall is a longtime community advocate and organizer. Also a fundraising, media and marketing consultant, Stovall is most known for singing with her dance band Phat Daddy and the Phat Horn Doctors.


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