Editor’s note: Last week I put out a request for your take on “the nightly neighborhood fireworks show.” Here are your responses:

Illegal fireworks are unnecessary form of celebration that can be very traumatic to some people and most pets.

This year these fireworks started earlier and have lasted well past the Fourth of July. It also sounded like larger and more powerful devices were being used. This presents a larger personal safety and fire hazard to everyone.

I assume that many of the people using these fireworks weren’t around to see the devastation caused by the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.

These imbeciles that chose to disrespect their neighbors and ignore the law are really disrespecting the people that follow the law.

Leave the fireworks to the pros who know what they are doing and when to do it.

Don Smith, Monument

• • •

I have lived in Briargate for 31 years and NEVER have I seen and heard such loud and powerful fireworks in my neighborhood on July 4th (in two locations, near my street.) They were the kind of fireworks you would see and hear at a large venue with professionals lighting them.

No one needed to call the police because it was obvious where the fireworks were being lit, and the police would know where to find them. But the police were overwhelmed.

To those who took it upon themselves to subject those living nearby to your fireworks, it was a bold and inconsiderate thing to do. And illegal!!

Leslie Kopman, Colorado Springs

• • •

July 4th is my most hated/dreaded holiday, thanks to the inconsiderate, selfish, self-centered, law-breaking @##&)%# in my Rockrimmon neighborhood.

The fireworks started around 8:30 p.m. and went on until 3 a.m. July 2, 3 and 4 — big, loud, and almost constant. There were smaller, shorter encores Monday and Tuesday nights. What an excellent way for kids to learn it’s OK to ignore the rules and do whatever you want because the police are too busy and you probably won’t get caught!

In the larger scheme of things, I suspect a lot of people are somewhat deaf these days because of the years of constant loud noise everywhere you go. I stopped going to stores and restaurants long before the pandemic because there was always loud music. It wasn’t fun to meet a friend for lunch and have to shout to have a conversation.

I’m in my 70s and still have excellent hearing, which has become a curse. I’ve tried earplugs, noise-masking machine, etc. and nothing helps. I still go to the grocery store, but I spend as little time there as possible because of the loud music. If people need constant noise, why can’t they used earphones with their own personal device so the rest of us can have some peace?

Sorry ... I digress. I’m still tired from the recent sleepless nights.

In conclusion, I wish I could be in a sensory-deprivation tank from July 1-5 from now on. It gets worse every year and nothing can/will be done about it.

Thanks for asking,

Margie Allison, Colorado Springs

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