Allison Weist may have fallen short of the votes she needed to be featured on the cover of a national fitness magazine, but she is a winner in and out of the gym.

Weist, 40, a counseling assistant at Rampart High School, was recently in a contest to be the next Ms. Health and Fitness, earning her a cover on Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine. She entered the contest to help build her platform to tell her story of overcoming depression as a result of being bullied from a young age.

“I want to give hope to other people and let them know that they are not alone,” Weist said.

Weist understands the struggle of weight loss and poor body image. Her story is one of success and hope for others who struggle. She has worked a long time to overcome depression. After joining the local Burn Boot Camp, 2456 Montebello Square Dr., two years ago, she found strength, support and success.

“I kept seeing Burn Boot Camp pop up,” Weist said.

“The people at Burn are encouraging and supportive. Their willingness to help you achieve your goals is beyond amazing.”

Burn owners Andy and Racquel Dills, both of Rockrimmon, said Weist’s determination and grit makes her a positive role model for anyone who attends a training session at their facility.

“Allison comes into every camp with a positive attitude, encouragement for other members, and the willingness to be challenged to achieve and surpass her fitness goals.”

Weist’s triumph over depression and the struggle to maintain a healthy body has caused her to reflect on the many years of battling “yo-yoing experience” of losing weight and then gaining it back.

“When I got pregnant 10 years ago, I got the mental health piece unlocked,” she said. “I gained a lot of weight and I lost all that weight. And then some.

“I began changing my mindset. I incorporated healthy eating and exercise.”

Weist still has her struggles.

“There are days when I feel down or angry and I need to go to the gym to sweat it out,” she said. “You can’t be angry after a tough workout because you are too exhausted.”

Burn camps are a combination of muscle-building strength training and heart-racing cardio designed to keep people moving. Their certified trainers are there to push members and help hold them accountable.

“You get to cheer others on as you work hard,” Weist said. “For me, the mindset piece has been more substantial than the physical piece, though I am very happy with where I am with my body today.

“Fitness has helped build my confidence and ability to take care of others. My fitness journey started decades ago.”

As for the competition to be on the cover of Ms. Health and Fitness, Weist entered the contest knowing she was facing tough odds. Part of the money raised by sponsoring her went to Homes for Wounded Warriors to help in their mission to build handicap accessible homes for disabled veterans.

In her job as a counseling assistant at Rampart, Weist is the first person that the students usually have contact with. They talk to her about everything from things going on at school to things happening at home.

“Listening to what they have to say and then figuring out the next step is so important,” Weist said.

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