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Have you asked, ‘What is the science that this will work?’

It is a scientific truism that one clean experiment outweighs 1,000 dirty calculations. At the July 22, Academy District 20 Board of Education meeting in the public comment period, I heard more science with regard to the wearing of masks than I have read in The Gazette reporting since then.

One parent, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics, cited a study from Florida in which children wore masks for a full day. She understood the behavior of very small particles. The masks were then tested for pathogens by a medical laboratory. The test results found a number of bacterial pathogens, some serious as this was in Florida, but no viruses. This would indicate that viruses would pass freely through the masks.

The same parent cited another study in which carbon dioxide monitors were put inside of children’s masks to measure the carbon dioxide concentrations. I don’t remember all the readings so obtained but they were significantly higher some approaching the maximum allowed exposure for workers in hydroponics nurseries. Since children are much smaller there is a potential for them to have a much more adverse reaction to masking from sustained higher dosages of carbon dioxide throughout a school day.

If masks don’t capture viruses, then a mask mandate is disruptive, useless and potentially hazardous to people’s health. As Dr. Marty Makary and Dr. H. Cody Meissner pointed out, they have found only one study of masking for children and its results were inconclusive. Where is the science? What funding did the CDC devote to studying masks for children? The commentary cited a number of other possible adverse reactions for children and young teenagers.

Previously, reporters were skeptical and would ask, “How do you know this is true? Will it work? What are the downsides?” Unlike in America, in England they have biweekly blood sample surveys. England knows that 92% of its population has antibodies.

Has Colorado Gov. Jared Polis tried to implement those same common-sense measures? Has President Joe Biden tried to implement those same common-sense measures? I would hope that reporters would start asking those questions.


“The Case Against Masks for Children: It’s abusive to force kids who struggle with them to sacrifice for the sake of unvaccinated adults,” (on.wsj.com/3jBDcXB).

“Maybe With Delta the CDC Will Learn to Count: In Britain, they know 92% of the public has antibodies; here we panic in the dark,” (on.wsj.com/2YanytI).

Richard R. Allen, Colorado Springs

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