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Re: ‘We can’t paint over our feelings | From the Editor’ (June 16)

Unfortunately, feelings are a bad standard to gauge what one would paint on a school wall. Leonardo da Vinci could paint “The Last Supper” because of his love of our Lord Jesus Christ, yet the school would paint it over. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen could paint a mural about his desire to murder infidels as he did at the Pulse night club because of his feelings as a Muslim.

For years, many have defined deviancy down.

It appears that we now have minority oppression of the majority. I suggest that the majority of parents don’t want school districts to indoctrinate their children in a LGBTQ agenda. Should you want to have access to an accurate history of the anti-Christian bigotry, read “Liberal Suppression: Section 501©(3) and the Taxation of Speech” by Philip Hamburger.

Richard R. Allen, Colorado Springs

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