Colorado Springs award winning Chinese eatery has closed after 25 years

Jennie and Jack Hu, owners of Silver Pond Gourmet Chinese Restaurant, have sold their eatery of 25 years to retire.

Jennie and Jack Hu, owners of Silver Pond Gourmet Chinese Restaurant, 6523 N. Academy Blvd., have sold the eatery and retired. They have owned the eatery over 25 years.

Since opening in 1996, they have been in three locations. The first spot was next to a large pond full of ducks, fish, turtles and geese, which was the inspiration for the name “Silver Pond.” They moved to a second location at Vickers and Academy Boulevard, where they stayed for 15 years, until they were not able to renew their lease. They then secured the third location, where they have been for seven years.

Longtime customers will recall the first spot, where their young daughter, Amanda, would be doing homework. At the second location, Amanda would entertain customers playing the piano. Christmas Eve was always a festive place to dine while enjoying delicious Chinese food and listing to Amanda play Christmas chorales.

“We are not sure if the new owners are going to keep this as a restaurant or not. It definitely will not be Chinese,” Jennie Hu said. “Now I have to get used to my kitchen at home. We never cooked at home. I’ve found out the garbage disposal is rusted, and I need to learn how to run the dishwasher.”

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