World’s tallest sandcastle sculpted at 69 feet

A sandcastle in Denmark reached new heights, becoming the tallest in history at 69 feet.

An international team of 30 artists led by Dutch sculptor Wilfred Stijger used almost 5,000 tons of sand mixed with clay to create the sculpture in Denmark, beginning work in June and finishing July 2.

"2116 cm highest sandcastle in the world 2021," Stijger posted on Instagram with a picture of his team standing in front of the finished product. His team included artists from the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, and Belgium.

The sandcastle towered over the former holder of the record, which was completed in Germany in the summer of 2019. That castle stopped just short of 58 feet tall, with its 11,000 tons of sand mixed with water. Its base had a diameter of about 85 feet.

The Danish government popularized the newer castle as a tourist attraction in the city of Blokhus in North Jutland, a region in the far north of the peninsula. The base of the statue is about 104 feet in diameter, according to the specifications on the government's website.

After completing the castle, the artists covered it in glue so it could stand for up to six months.

Carved into the sides of the castle are various aquatic scenes, including squid and octopuses lurking at the bottom of the sea, a man in a small boat attempting to wrangle a sea monster, and modern beachgoers enjoying a day in the sun, video showed.

Supporting the castle on the interior are hundreds of wooden beams around which the builders packed the sand with the help of three telescopic boom lifts, which are commonly used by construction workers.


The North Jutland region is also home to the Rabjerg Mile, a coastal dune that migrates approximately 50 feet toward the northeastern coast of the country.

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