Val Carr captured 776 votes to win the race for mayor of Woodland Park in Tuesday’s election.

Carr, the city’s mayor pro tem, has served the past four years on the City Council. He was defeated in 2016 by Mayor Neil Levy, who was elected to that office twice.

“As the tension mounted tonight, I didn’t know the mood of the people with the coronavirus effects,” Carr said after learning he’d won the race. “I had a lot of seniors backing me.”

Carr’s opponents were Darwin Naccarato who finished with 510 votes; Noel Sawyer, with 473 votes; and Kellie Case, with 439 votes. Case and Sawyer serve on the Woodland Park City Council and retain their seats.

“The people have spoken. But I don’t think there was a clear majority, “ Maccarato said after the election results were announced Tuesday night.

Case said, “I’m very disappointed in my community, not because they didn’t vote for me but any one of the three of us would have been OK.”

Sawyer said only that Carr “ran a good campaign.”

In the race for City Council, the winners were Paul “Rusty” Neal, who captured 1,448 votes; Robert Zuluaga, with 1,100 votes and Jim Pfaff, who won a seat with 1,062 votes. The three join Case, Sawyer and Hilary LaBarre on the council.

Other candidates, who were not elected, were Don Dezellem, who received 1,005 votes, and Michael Dalton, with 617 votes.

City Clerk Suzanne LeClercq said 43% of registered voters returned 2,232 ballots, which beat the turnout in the 2018 municipal election by 32 votes.

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