Steve Donahue and his son, Tommy, 10, shop for fireworks in 2017 at the Big Top Fireworks stand at Palmer Park and Powers boulevards in Colorado Springs.

Despite low fire danger this year, nothing has changed about setting off fireworks in Colorado Springs for the Fourth of July.

Leave it to the pros, or face a possible fine.

Fireworks are illegal in Colorado Springs, and anyone caught with even a sparkler can be fined $2,500 fine and jailed for 189 days.

Where to watch Fourth of July fireworks in Colorado in 2019

According to the Fire Department’s website, “All types of fireworks with a fuse and/or requiring a flame for ignition are illegal,” including sparklers. Only novelty items like snappers and poppers are allowed.

Fire danger is way down this summer after historic snowfall and a wet spring, but that does not have effect on the legality of fireworks.

“The law is not written upon rainfall or anything else,” said police spokesman Lt. James Sokolik.

Even fireworks purchased legally in other areas are prohibited in Colorado Springs. The Fire Department patrols July 3-5 to confiscate fireworks.

There also are drop boxes at fire stations where people can anonymously drop off fireworks.

No Fourth of July fireworks for another southern Colorado city

Residents are encouraged to call 444-7000 if they see or hear fireworks being used.

Unincorporated El Paso County has less strict regulations, but many kinds are illegal to use, posses or sell.

“If a firework flies through the air, explodes or shoots flaming balls, it is illegal,” an El Paso County Sheriff’s Office news release states. Bottle rockets, mortars, firecrackers and Roman candles fall under this category.

Ground spinners, smoke bombs and sparklers are allowed in the county.

Residents should call the Sheriff’s Office nonemergency line at 719-390-5555 if they witness illegal fireworks being used.

Violators can be fined up to $750 and imprisoned for up to six months.

Fountain has very similar restrictions as the county, banning all flying and exploding fireworks.

According to a news release, fireworks allowed in Fountain include cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, wheels, ground spinners, illuminating torches, sparklers, snakes and glow worms.

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Evan is a 2019 intern at The Gazette. He is a Colorado Springs native who is currently a student at Northwestern University.

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