Why this kindergarten class starts every day with a meaningful handshake
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A kindergarten teacher in Texas has her students greet each other with a handshake every morning -- a simple gesture she hopes makes an impact ASHLEY COSTON TAYLOR

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Ashley Coston Taylor has been a teacher for 18 years, and every morning she makes her "littles" start their day the same way: with a handshake and a smile.

A video that Taylor posted on Facebook last week shows her kindergarteners at Keene Elementary School in North Texas lining up to give a big handshake to a classmate.

She says this is a daily practice. Every day, one student acts a "greeter" and stands at the classroom door. All the other kids line up to give the greeter a handshake and say good morning before walking into the classroom to take their seats. Taylor hopes this simple practice makes a powerful difference in her students' development.

In the video, which has since gone viral, Asher Bales is the greeter, and his fellow classmates greet him with a handshake and a smile. Some of the kids hug Asher, too. In fact, once one student in line gives him a hug, almost every other child follows suit. The last student gives Asher a handshake and a hug, and then Taylor gives him a handshake herself. 

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