Waldo volunteer arrested in assault

Allen Crabtree Photo by Courtesy of the Colorado Springs Police Department

An American Red Cross volunteer has been arrested for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting another volunteer while working during the Waldo Canyon fire, Colorado Springs police said.

The female victim was deployed from Austin, Tex. with the Red Cross to Fort Collins to help victims of the High Park fire. There she was teamed with Allen Crabtree, another volunteer from Maine, who she had met before during annual training sessions, she told police.

After working with Crabtree in Fort Collins, the woman and Crabtree came to Colorado Springs to do similar work for victims of the Waldo Canyon fire. On July 7, a group of volunteers went out for drinks, and eventually only Crabtree and the woman were left in the bar, the woman told police. At some point, she and Crabtree went back to their hotel, where she was allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted, she told police.

The woman initially reported the assault to police in Texas, but the case was referred to Colorado Springs police. Crabtree was arrested in Maine on suspicion of a class four felony assault. He was booked into the El Paso County jail on Friday.

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