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Doug Lamborn, Republican (Incumbent)

Campaign Website: lambornforcongress.org

Twitter: @RepDLamborn

Campaign Facebook Page: facebook.com/lambornforcongress

Education: University of Kansas: bachelor’s degree in journalism, law degree

Experience: practicing attorney from 1987 to 2007; first elected to the Colorado General Assembly in 1994 — served in both the House and the Senate; first elected to Congress in 2006; has served on multiple committees relative to armed services, natural resources and veteran’s affairs

What is the single most important action Congress can take to reduce gun violence?

I believe that we should vigorously enforce the more than 240 pages of existing federal gun regulations and work to strengthen our nation’s mental health system to provide families and patients access to the care they need. We must ensure that actions taken to reduce violence are targeted, address underlying causes, and do not infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights.

What are the top three needs specific to the 5th Congressional District that you will make your priorities in Congress?

Working with President Trump, we have accomplished a tremendous amount for the 5th District. Here are three priorities we must continue to pursue:

Keep our economy booming: I enthusiastically supported and voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – the largest tax cuts since President Reagan. This legislation has put more money into the pockets of the middle and working class, and has boosted our economy and created more jobs and opportunity. It is exciting to see Colorado Springs build on its reputation as an American military powerhouse and become a high-tech and innovative hub. I will continue to fight for lower taxes and more jobs for this district.

Secure our border and end illegal immigration: I support building President Trump’s border wall, ending sanctuary cities and comprehensive efforts to end illegal immigration. I will continue to push Congress to implement the three major components of immigration control: deterrence, apprehension, and removal.

Fully fund our military and support our troops: I have worked relentlessly to ensure the future of military installations here in the Colorado Springs area. This includes intense lobbying for the recent addition of 800 new troops at Fort Carson. The move will make the total troop count at Fort Carson more than 25,000 – the most soldiers in Colorado Springs since the Vietnam War. Along with President Trump, I have supported rebuilding and fully funding our military and will continue to do so.

What do you bring to this race that none of your opponents can offer?

The 5th District needs a Congressman who has a rock-solid working relationship with President Trump and will work to Keep America Great. I am the only candidate in this race who enthusiastically supported President Trump in the 2016 election. I knew big things would get done with President Trump in the White House. Together, we have passed and signed into law the largest tax cuts since Reagan, worked to secure our border and end sanctuary cities, and have fully funded our military.

Douglas Randall, Libertarian

Douglas Randall could not be reached for The Gazette Voters Guide questionnaire.


Stephany Rose Spaulding, Democratic

Campaign Website: stephanyroseforcongress.com

Campaign Facebook Page: facebook.com/StephanyForCO/

Education: Purdue University: Ph.D. in American studies, master’s degree in English literature; Clark Atlanta University: bachelor’s degree in English Studies

Experience: Current chairwoman of Women’s and Ethnic Studies department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; associate professor since August 2015; senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church of Colorado Springs

What is the single most important action Congress can take to reduce gun violence?

Most Americans agree that gun violence is a serious public health crisis. In fact, there’s more agreement about what to do about it than the rhetoric out of D.C. suggests. A recent survey found that over 80 percent of gun owners and non-owners favor universal background checks. Also popular are gun violence restraining orders that help authorities work with families who fear loved ones could hurt themselves or others. Proposals like these are being considered by states weary of the “thoughts and prayers” approach to the problem. Congress must put partisan politics aside and enact common sense laws that will save lives.

What are the top three needs specific to the 5th Congressional District that you will make your priorities in Congress?

Cost of Living: A lack of affordable housing coupled with salaries 14-34 percent below the state average means too many full-time workers can’t make ends meet or are living in poverty.

Infrastructure: The lack of a sustained commitment to adequately funding our education systems, repairing roads and bridges, exploring mass transit options or providing our rural neighbors with broadband access imperils our competitiveness and quality of life.

Environment: Stewardship of the natural environment we are blessed to call home requires sustained support for programs that support fire safety and improved watershed quality while also preserving access to our national parks and public lands.

What do you bring to this race that none of your opponents can offer?

In the 14 months since I launched my campaign, I’ve crisscrossed the region, speaking with thousands of people in every county. What I hear most is that folks are frustrated because they haven’t seen their representative in years. They feel hopeless about low wages, unaffordable housing and high-cost healthcare.

As a professor, with expertise in diversity and inclusion, a pastor, and a community activist, I have experience bringing people together to solve problems. I’ve listened to the voters and developed smart policy solutions to address the challenges of this fast-changing region. I will be a champion who will work for ALL of our families, not just the fortunate few.

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