Paul Haddick, Democrat

This candidate did not provide a response to The Gazette’s Voters Guide questionnaire.

Shane Sandridge, Republican (Incumbent)

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Education: bachelor’s degree in criminal justice; master’s degree in national security administration; education specialist degree in criminal justice; Ph.D. in criminology

Experience: Former inner-city police officer for Kansas City Police Department; former clinical psychotherapist for kids with criminal and suicidal ideations; Licensed securities professional; entrepreneur

What are your priorities for the state budget for 2019-20?

As your current State Representative of HD14, expanding I-25 is a top priority for the state budget. I-25 is not just a transportation issue, it is a public safety issue. I fought hard and will continue to fight for funding to expand I-25. Four lanes, no tolls, with absolutely no tax increases! The state has the money. Colorado is bringing in record tax revenues, so our citizens already have paid for the right to use these lanes without tolls. Additional funding considerations include education, securing PERA (the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association), school security, and suicide prevention programs for our students and adults in crisis.

Do you support the so-called “red flag bill,” which was proposed in the 2018 session and will likely be re-introduced in the 2019 session? Why or why not? (The bill, which will likely be introduced again in the next session, would have allowed law enforcement or family members to legally remove firearms from mentally ill people deemed a threat to themselves or others.)

I voted against and aggressively debated in opposition of this bill. It is a gun confiscation bill without the commission of a crime or arrest. This bill is unconstitutional and far from being what the sponsors described. We all want to keep guns out of the hands of the violent mentally ill, but this bill is not the way. Our right to protect ourselves as we choose was given to us by God and protect by the Constitution. The Second Amendment was framed to protect us from a tyrannical government, and this right is what protects all other rights.

Do you think there’s a need to increase state funding for transportation projects? If so, how would you propose accomplishing this?

Colorado has starved transportation funding for two decades, with little to no funding coming from Colorado’s General Fund. We have not kept up with the population explosion and expansion of our state. This year, we actually moved over approximately a half a billion dollars from the general fund for transportation, with billions of dollars in bond initiatives. This was a nice step forward, but I was hoping for a leap forward. Colorado is bringing in record revenues. We have the money. No new taxes are needed. It has to do with priorities and wise spending of every tax dollar.

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