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Chance Hill, Republican

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Education: University of Michigan Law School (J.D.); Georgetown School of Foreign Service (M.A.); Dartmouth College (B.A.)

Experience: Attorney, Sherman & Howard, Colorado Springs; Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, VA; Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, Iraqi Intelligence Center, Taji, Iraq; Lieutenant (jg), U.S. Forces Korea; Ensign, Strike-Fighter Squadron, U.S.S. Nimitz

Why are you running for CU Regent?

First, we must evaluate needless bureaucracy across the CU System to reduce costs that contribute to higher tuition and enormous student debt. Having recently completed law school, I know first-hand how this issue affects the college experience, and I will add value and a unique perspective to the Board of Regents.

Second, I believe strongly that universities should promote intellectual diversity and free speech, and I would champion this notion.

Third, the long-term health and vitality of the CU System is a cornerstone of our state’s economy and future workforce, and it is critical that we maintain its upward trajectory.

Tony Wolusky, Democrat

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Education: Ph.D. (Education) Northcentral University; J.D. (Law) Golden Gate University Law School; M.Ed. (Counseling) Northern Montana College; M.A. (International Relations) Salve Regina University; B.S. (International Affairs and Public Administration) USAF Academy

Experience: 28 years as high school, community college and university teacher in Colorado. 28 years in USAF serving as an ICBM launch officer, intel officer, AFROTC instructor and judge advocate.

Why are you running for CU Regent?

CU tuition is why most Coloradans, especially those from rural, low income and working-class families don’t apply. They face an average $21,000 in debt that takes 12 years to repay. In the 1970s, tuition was 24% of the cost and the state provided 76%, but now state support is 30% and families pay 70%. The Regents have not done enough. I also want everyone, no matter what their background, to feel welcome at CU, be they urban, rural, veteran, conservative, LGBTQ, religious, hip hop, rockers, country or liberal. Exposure to new ideas is what a university education is all about.

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