A woman involved a rollover crash along Interstate 25 near Rockrimmon Boulevard Monday faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, according to Colorado Springs police.

The crash happened about 11 a.m. along southbound I-25 just past the on-ramp. A video circulating on Facebook by Dionte Franklin shows the blue car traveling up the on-ramp, swerving and hitting a cement wall multiple times before rolling off the road and landing on its roof.

Police have not released the identity of the woman or the severity of her injuries, but said she is also facing other unspecified charges related to the nonfatal crash.

Franklin, who is visiting from Kansas with his family and a former Fort Carson soldier, said he initially saw the driver traveling south on Rockrimmon, west of the interstate, with a crooked front tire. Franklin said he followed the driver with his hazard lights on, assuming the driver was trying to get to the nearby Shell gas station.

"Then she started driving all over road," Franklin said. "We stopped at the stop light and her blinker was on so I let her pass in front of me, then she got on [the on-ramp] and almost hit the median. Then she sped up to the highway, hit the cement wall and accelerated, then hit the wall a few more times."

It was really crazy how fast she was going and how close she got to other cars," said Franklin, who had his wife and son in the car. "I thought 'this could be a 20-car crash' but then she whipped [the car] back and avoided other cars. I had my two-year-old son in the backseat and all I was hoping was there wasn't a baby in that car."

Rockrimmon rollover

A driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol crashed at Interstate 25 and Rockrimmon Boulevard Monday morning. Photo courtesy of City of Colorado Springs.

In the video, the car can be seen hitting the guardrail, then rolling multiple times into the ditch off the interstate. Franklin pulled over and his wife called 911, he said. He credits his military training that helped him immediately react to help her. Franklin said he went to the woman's car, first checked the back for a carseat, then ran to the front of the car. Franklin said him and a group of others, who stopped after seeing the crash, pulled the woman out of the front passenger window.

"She kept saying she needed to get home to her dog," Franklin said, "then she just got up and started walking on her own." Franklin said emergency crews showed up just minutes after the wreck and placed a neck guard on the woman.



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