UPDATE: Divide man caught by Teller County deputies

Kai Skov Photo by FACEBOOK PHOTO

A Divide man suspected of trying to coax Teller County sheriff’s deputies to kill him was arrested Thursday afternoon after an exhaustive manhunt, according to the sheriff’s office.

Kai Skov, 40, was found around 12:30 p.m. about a mile from his house northwest of Woodland Park, ending a nearly day-long search that began when he fired at deputies driving in an armored vehicle.

“He told our negotiator that he had tried several times to take his own life,” said Teller County sheriff’s Sgt. Nick Olmsted. “And the only thing he could think to do is suicide by cop.”

Skov’s family called the sheriff’s office Wednesday morning to report they were worried about him, Olmsted said.

A Teller County sheriff’s negotiator reached him on the phone later that day and talked to him for six hours, Olmsted said. But their conversations ended with the words “I told you I didn’t want any cops up here” when Skov saw a sheriff’s armored vehicle roll up outside the house, Olmsted said.

Rushing outside, Skov fired two warning shots in the air and a third at the armoved vehicle, hitting it. He fled into the woods near the Lutheran Valley Ranch retreat, where deputies lost track of him.

No one was injured in the shooting.

“I know that when he fired on the armored vehicle yesterday, the members were directed not to fire on him,” Olmsted said.

Skov did not return to the house overnight. A National Guard helicopter equipped with heat-sensing equipment was on its way from western Colorado when deputies found Skov.

Skov is being held in the Teller County jail in lieu of $1 million bail.

During the search, several residents evacuted the area, and deputies were told to avoid firing on the man.

“It’s a situational thing,” Olmsted said. “You need to know what your strengths are and your limitations. In this case, we wanted to take him alive, if possible, and we were successful in doing so.”

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