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The Colorado Springs Airport. (Photo courtesy of Colorado Springs Airport)

A United Airlines flight headed for Houston was diverted to Colorado Springs Wednesday morning due to turbulence, a spokeswoman said. A flight attendant was transported to a hospital for injuries.

Flight 6171, traveling from Salt Lake City, was forced to land at the Colorado Springs Airport around 8:15 a.m. after two flight attendants and a passenger were injured from the turbulence, said Aidan Ryan, the airport's marketing and communications manager. One flight attendant was transported to the hospital, while another flight attendant and passenger refused medical treatment, Ryan said. 

It was unclear how serious the injuries were, but Ryan said she did not believe they were life-threatening. 

Passenger numbers continue decline in July at Colorado Springs Airport

The plane left Salt Lake City around 7 a.m., according to United Airlines' website. The plane was rescheduled to leave Colorado Springs for Houston at 11:10 a.m., Ryan said. 

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