Academy District 20

Academy District 20 administrative offices at 1110 Chapel Hills Drive. 

Four Academy District 20 high school students are in isolation after two students were confirmed positive for COVID-19, the district said Friday night.

A Discovery Canyon High School student who tested positive for the virus is in isolation, along with another student who was not positive for the disease, district spokeswoman Allison Cortez said in a written statement.

Two Liberty High School students are also in isolation after one of them tested positive for COVID-19. 

At Discovery Canyon, an additional 49 students and teachers are in quarantine, as are 54 Liberty High School students and staff.

Interested District 20 middle and high school students were allowed this month to attend in-person learning on a hybrid schedule, The Gazette previously reported. Preschool and elementary students were allowed to return in person or continue online when the district resumed school last month.

Schools are advised under pandemic guidance released by the state health department in late July to shut down for several days for contact tracing if one student tests positive for COVID-19, and for two weeks if two or more students in two or more classrooms test positive. The guidance is not mandatory.

However, schools are required to report all suspected and confirmed outbreaks to their local public health agency or the state health department within four hours, a news release accompanying the guidance states.

Not all districts and schools report positive tests results or potential positives to the public.

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Breeanna Jent covers El Paso County and the state of Colorado. She previously worked as the editorial assistant for the Pikes Peak Newspapers and joined their sister paper, The Gazette, in 2020.

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