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Accessory dwelling unit above a detached garage.

The second of two Accessory Dwelling Units town halls is scheduled Wednesday at Colorado Springs City Hall from 6 to 7:30 p.m., according to a news release from the city.

Accessory Dwelling Units are secondary living areas on a residential lot or within the main home. ADUs are often referred to as ancillary apartments, mother-in-law suites or cottages, granny flats, or guesthouses. These residential units are smaller than the main home and include a sleeping area, sanitary facilities, and gas/electrical facilities for cooking. Accessory Dwelling Units can come in a number of forms, such as:

- Above a detached garage

- A separate structure in the backyard

- Attached to the main home

- A converted basement or attic

In June, City Council suggested that if accessory dwelling units are to be allowed on more residential lots, they should be attached to existing homes with the owners living on the premises.

The City Council is considering a proposal that would allow the units to be built on more residentially zoned lots. City officials are slow walking the controversial proposal and the conversation has continued for months.

At Wednesday's town hall, residents can participate in a discussion about where ADUs are allowed to be constructed in Colorado Springs. How any proposal moves forward will involve community feedback and the city recognizing the desire to maintain neighborhood character, according to a news release from the city.

Accessory dwelling units should be attached with owners living on site, Colorado Springs City Council suggests

Colorado Springs began allowing ADUs in multi-family zones in 2003; the City Planning Department is proposing the ability to build ADUs in single family zones and loosening strict requirements currently applied to ADUs in multi-family zones.

For more information on past discussions by City Council on this matter, please visit:

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