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Someone pried open a blue collection box in front of the Old Colorado City post office Sunday night, a postal spokesman said Monday.

Mail probably was taken after the culprit pried open one box and stuck an object through the chutes to fish mail out, said Eric Manuel, regional spokesman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Anyone who placed mail in the boxes at the post office, at 204 S. 25th St., should “please follow up with their intended recipient to make sure that mail arrived safely. And also, they need to make sure that they monitor any financial accounts that would be related to any of the mail that they may have sent. And if they’re missing mail, or if they have any fraud on their accounts, please call the Postal Inspection Service.” That agency is at 877-876-2455.

“Since we don’t really know exactly what was in those boxes, I can’t say definitively that mail was taken,” Manuel said. “But given the nature and the development of it, it’s likely that mail was taken.”

Vandalism to mail collection boxes has increased in Colorado Springs recently, he said.

“However, generally speaking, compared to the large volume of mail the post office processes every year, within Colorado and beyond, it’s a pretty small amount.

“We still stress that mail is still a much more secure way to send your personal info than putting it online, given all the online hacks you see nowadays. But we have seen an uptick, and so we do want the public to know that the Postal Inspection Service takes these very seriously, and we’re following up on all leads,” he said.

Manuel said people should check the collection times on a blue collection box before placing their mail inside. If mail already has been picked up for the last time that day, anything left in the box will sit overnight.

“Just note the time, and do not drop mail in the box so it would sit overnight,” he said. “The much better option would be to take it to your nearest post office and drop it in the box on the inside of the post office.”

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