Someone driving a red Jeep drove through gas station storefront, this time in Pueblo, and made off with an ATM machine on Thursday morning.

Pueblo County deputies responded to an alarm going off inside the Loaf ‘N Jug located at 243 U.S. 50 at around 1:15 Thursday morning. When they arrived, they found the gas station’s storefront had been smashed in, and digging around the rubble revealed that someone had stolen an ATM machine from inside the store.

Via the gas station’s surveillance video, deputies found that a red Jeep had repeatedly rammed the building’s front doors by backing in from the parking lot, caving them in along with a large section of the storefront’s cinderblock wall. Three unidentified individuals then rushed into the store and loaded the ATM machine into the jeep before making their escape northbound on Avondale Boulevard, the sheriff’s office said.

The damage was so extensive, the sheriff’s office said, that the Pueblo Regional Building department deemed the gas station unsafe for people to be inside.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t yet determined how much money was in the ATM machine, but said they found the jeep and part of the machine abandoned in rural Fremont County. They found the rest of it somewhere in Pueblo county.

Deputies said they haven’t yet found anyone involved in the crime.

Thursday’s heist was the third of several similar attempts at Loaf ‘N Jug storefronts in Colorado Springs and Fountain in the last week, but the only time someone was able to successfully steal an ATM machine.

Pueblo detectives haven’t confirmed if Thursday’s incident was related to other similar incidents, but were working with other regional law enforcement agencies to determine if there was a connection, a press release said. Their investigation into the heist is ongoing.

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