The new Manitou Incline: By the numbers
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The Manitou Incline, pictured Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014, reopens to the public 10 a.m. Friday after three months of repairs and improvements including some replaced steps, anchors and retaining walls and rocks to stop erosion. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)

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The Manitou Incline reopens Friday after a three-month makeover.

Here's a look, in numbers, at the project:

$1.6 million: Budget for four-month overhaul

2,741: Steps on the Incline (before project)

?: Steps on the Incline (after project)

6,574: Starting elevation, in feet (Source: Stewart M. Green, "Best Hikes near Colorado Springs.")

8,585: Ending elevation (Source: Green, "Best Hikes.")

41: Average grade, by percentage

68: Steepest grade, by percentage

90: Helicopter trips to transport dirt in a bucket

900: Tons of new dirt used in shoring up the hillside

60: Landscape crewmen on the project, with a core group of 12 to 18

70: Gallons of drinking water supplied to worksite, per week

15-20: Estimated pounds lost by each worker

1,800: New ties added to the project - used for steps, retaining walls and timber chases to divert water

80-100: Weight of each railroad tie, in pounds

150: Number of volunteers who worked on connector trail between Incline and Barr Trail

$162,000: Amount saved through volunteer labor

6: Days per week worked by laborers to stay on schedule

$1,500: Daily penalty Timberline Landscaping would have paid for missing deadlines

$22,500: Amount in bonuses paid to workers by Timberline Landscaping for staying ahead of schedule

3: Number of stitches a worker received - along with one lost fingernail - after smashing his finger in the only reported injury among Incline workers


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