Marshall fire alert confusion

An aerial photo from Sky9 shows damage caused by the Marshall fire.

Text messages between Louisville city leaders show confusion and a delay in getting evacuation notices to residents during the Marshall fire.

Those text messages, along with city emails, were obtained using the Colorado Open Records Act. Louisville stopped answering questions about the Marshall fire evacuation process in late January.

After submitting the open records request, 9News discovered nearly a dozen residents had also emailed the city wanting the same answers about the emergency notification process on Dec. 30.

On Jan. 1, Tawnya Somauroo, who lost her home in the Cornerstone neighborhood, wrote Louisville Mayor Ashley Stolzmann an email. Part of that email read:

"I am not traumatized by losing my house, but I am haunted by the fact that the City’s emergency services failed to help warn my neighbors and as a result we could very easily have had multiple persons that died. I need to know what happened? It is very hard to convince people that they are in danger and need to act immediately without the legitimacy of the emergency services signaling the same."

The mayor responded the same day and copied the reply to Louisville's interim city manager, Megan Davis, and Louisville Police Chief Dave Hayes. Stolzmann wrote:

"I am so sorry for your loss — it really is beyond words. We are going to get through this together as a community. Thank you for sharing the disturbing information. There was a reverse 911 that went out and other messages. I will see to it that the emergency operations folks investigate what happened and determine where the failure occurred. The people who have to do that investigation are still actively responding to the emergency, so it will take some time before they can complete any investigation."

"There's no kind of, official, city response," said Somauroo.


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