PrideFest Parade

The PrideFest parade ran through downtown to America the Beautiful Park on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Photo by Ryan Jones, The Gazette.

The day before Colorado Springs PrideFest begins, a downtown crosswalk will be turned into a rainbow, with color filling in the spaces between the white bars.

The temporary crosswalk design will be installed at 6 a.m. Friday on the south side of Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue. It will be removed Monday morning.

The city’s Traffic Engineering Department will oversee the installation, which comes just weeks after a group of artists painted a rainbow on a crosswalk at East Platte Avenue and Platte Place in the Knob Hill neighborhood. The crosswalk was painted the night of June 24, but city crews removed it the next day, city spokeswoman Jamie Fabos said.

While “the illegally painted markings were permanent and required city resources to remove and repair,” the installation at Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue “is temporary and centered around the event, and leaves no damage to the street,” Fabos said in an email.

In a news release, city officials emphasized that the temporary crosswalk — created using AlumiGraphics, which have a reflective, nonslip surface — “meets federal transportation safety standards and compliance.”

The design also doesn’t cover the white reflective bars of the crosswalk.

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“There is another neighborhood in town who took it upon themselves to create their own crosswalk, which was a rainbow and it was removed by the city because it didn’t meet any of those safety criteria,” said Laurel Prud’homme, spokeswoman for the Downtown Partnership. “Obviously, roadways are public space. They have to be designed for safety.

“So when that came about, it sort of brought up the discussion again of, ‘How can we do this?’ The Downtown Partnership, we’ve been wanting to do creative crosswalks for a handful of years, so we have been watching how other cities do them — what materials are used, how they are designed so that they do met safety criteria while being creative in nature.”

The intersection chosen for the temporary crosswalk is on the route for Sunday’s parade, which will travel on Tejon Street from Cimarron Street to Colorado Avenue, then turn onto Colorado Avenue, ending at Cimino Drive under the Colorado Avenue bridge.

The rainbow crosswalk, which will be paid for with donations, will serve as “a beta test of a creative crosswalk application,” the release says.

“With the leadership of City Council President Richard Skorman and collaboration with Colorado Springs PrideFest, it was determined that PrideFest 2019 was an opportune time and place to test the concept. PrideFest approached Downtown Partnership to facilitate the project.”


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