A 22-year-old magician who has been turning heads since he came to America three years ago will be the featured performer on the live Take 10 platform on Friday, March 2, during the noon hour on the Gazette News Facebook platform.

Rodrigo Navarro said, "I have been doing magic since I was 8 years old in Guatemala and started performing professionally in my country since I was 12 years old. At age 16, I enrolled in the magic congress in Guatemala."

Navarro's hero in the illusion/magician world is David Blaine. When Navarro was a young boy and saw Blaine perform on television he knew that he wanted to perform at the same high level as Blaine.

Last year, Navarro was able to meet Blaine after Blaine performed in Colorado Springs.

"Some magician friends of mine invited me to a dinner party after the show and David Blaine was there," Navarro said. "I spent 30-35 minutes with him and Blaine graciously helped me improve my technique."

Blaine showed him what he calls "close-up magic" with cards. The illusion entails swallowing a ring and bending a coat hanger to pull it from his throat. He admits it's dangerous and requires hours of practice and concentration. Just a couple of weeks ago, Navarro started integrating this illusion into his show.

Navarro grew up in a circus family that performed throughout Central America. He recently relocated from his native country to Cañon City to be with his mother and other family.

Navarro says he is a magician who does a different kind of magic, mixing his unique illusions, comedy, mentalism and hypnotism to make his audience feel connected with him and his illusions.

Navarro will perform his magic on the live Take 10 on Friday during the noon hour on the Gazette News Facebook platform.

Take 10 is one of the ways that the Gazette online and in print reinforces its message to showcase and interview southern Colorado talent.

If you are an entertainer who wows a crowd, email me at eric.singer@gazette.com and you can be a performer on a future Take 10.

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