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Daniel Gray, 40, wasn’t charged in a 2017 deadly shooting.

A murder suspect was high on meth when he shot and killed a 35-year-old man in the upstairs bedroom of his house east of the Colorado Springs Airport, according to the arrest warrant. It was the second fatal shooting in the house in less than two years.

Daniel Gray, 40, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder after Daniel Hunt was shot several times and died Wednesday in the house at 3903 Shining Star Drive, El Paso County sheriff’s deputies said.

The victim was upstairs with a woman when Gray took a .40-caliber pistol out of his right shorts pocket and shot Hunt several times, court documents say.

Hunt was a father of four, including 2-year-old twins, his estranged wife, Katie Hunt, told KKTV.

According to the court documents:

Gray was downstairs when he heard Hunt yelling at the woman in “a monster tone.” He knocked and then entered the upstairs bedroom and saw the woman squatting on the floor, crying. Gray said he told Hunt not to hurt her and went back downstairs.

The arguing continued, and Gray returned upstairs a few times to check on the situation. On the third trip, he found Hunt “pounding (the woman) with his right fist” a dozen times. So he pushed Hunt away.

“He came on me and pushed on me,” Gray told detectives. “That’s when I took out the gun and fired.”

Gray said he shot Hunt five times. He later admitted he never saw Hunt hurting the woman. And the woman, who was uninjured, said Hunt did not assault her.

She said she was arguing with him over a text message he got from another woman. Hunt grabbed her face with both hands “so they could look at each other.” Then Gray knocked on the door and came into the bedroom. The woman assured him everything was all right.

Hunt had his arms around her when she heard four rapid shots. Gray had “been physical” with Hunt on March 6 too, she said, when he thought Hunt was holding her hostage, kicked in a door and hit Hunt with a barbell, the documents said.

On Sept. 5, 2017, in the same house, Jack Cole, 41, was fatally shot, too. Gray’s former housemate, Jennifer Queen, said she found Cole lying in the kitchen with two gunshot wounds to his stomach and one to his neck after she heard the two men arguing.

She alleged that Gray shot Cole. The Sheriff’s Office, however, made no arrest in the case.

The county Coroner’s Office found that Cole had been on meth.

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Contact Olivia Prentzel: 726-1934.

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