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President Joe Biden speaks on Monday at the NATO summit at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

A new poll reveals that voters pin most of the blame for rising inflation on President Joe Biden.

Biden takes most of the blame among likely voters for rising inflation, with 39% saying he is responsible for the issue. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump was blamed by 17.7% of respondents, according to the results of a newly released Trafalgar Group/Convention of the States poll.

The poll also revealed that some voters feel Congress is to blame for rising inflation, with 14.4% blaming the current Congress, compared to 10.9% who blame the previous Congress.

Republicans were the most likely group surveyed to blame Biden, with 64.3% pinning the blame on the current president. Trump was blamed for the issue by 6% of Republicans, while 16.8% blamed Congress.

Independent voters swung closer to Republicans on the issue, with 35.5% saying Biden is to blame for inflation, compared to 16.9% who blame Trump. Another 31.3% blamed either the current or last Congress for the issue.

Democrats were the group most likely to blame Trump, with 27.3% indicating the former president is responsible for inflation compared to 21.5% who blame Biden. Another 28.2% pinned the blame on Congress.

The poll comes as inflation has continued to rise significantly in recent months, pushing prices for common goods such as food and gasoline higher.

“On a wide range of issues that hit home for and impact everyday Americans — from the border, to COVID-19 policy, to inflation — current leadership in Washington is not only getting it wrong, they’re focused on issues that only DC elites care about. And DC doesn’t pay the price, we do,” President of Convention of States Action Mark Meckler said of the poll in a press release. “We’re continuing our work in states across America to advance agenda items that help real people solve real problems. The swamp has demonstrated a consistent inability to care about making our lives better, which is why we have to increase the focus on taking strong leadership in our own backyards.”

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