Stolen vehicle returned with stranger's items


Dean Landon was relieved to get his stolen vehicle back. What wasn't a relief was the pile of items left in the car from the thieves and a lack of family heirlooms that were in the vehicle.

"There’s so many pieces of my car that’s missing. There’s so many extra pieces that shouldn't have been in there. It’s very, very frustrating,” said Landon. "“It’s like a swap meet in my car.”

Duct tape, a coffee maker, clothes, prescription drugs, express toll bills, marijuana and a title to a stranger's car. A pile of items that didn't belong to Landon that he now had to deal with.

A Colorado Springs spokesman says the detectives who processed the vehicle may have thought all of the items belonged to the owner. However, when Landon tried to return the items to police he says they only took a few electronics and some paperwork.

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