Sticks make on-the-go nail polish jobs easy


It's pretty much a given: Treat yourself to a long-awaited mani-pedi, and the minute it's done you ding your paint job.But who wants to haul around a breakable bottle of nail polish for repairs?Here's a solution. Meet OPI Nic's Sticks Paint and Go Nail Lacquer. Just shake the handy little penlike stick, click the color button and paint your nails with the efficient small brush.Nic's Sticks slip right into a purse - even teensy evening ones - or a pocket. They come in 24 shades with such cutesy names as "In the Nic of Time," "Feeling Girly" and "Carpool Mama."To give the colors an interactive test run, go to, and click on "See how Nic's Sticks look on you." Then match your skin tone and "paint" your nails.How hot are they? One word: Oprah. She loves Nic's Sticks and has named them one of her hottest makeup items for the summer. Get them at Target, Wal-Mart or at They're $6.99.To comment on "Gotta Have It," contact Barbara Cotter:; 636-0194.


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