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Letecia Stauch

A court hearing for Letecia Stauch, the stepmother accused of killing 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, ended with Stauch attempting again to fire the public defenders she successfully dismissed in February.

Stauch filed a motion last Wednesday requesting counsel about two months after she asked to be allowed to represent herself at her murder trial.

Fourth Judicial District Judge Gregory Werner ruled last Friday that Stauch would be represented by Colette LeBeau and Kathryn Strobel, the same public defenders she fired in late February.

Stauch was given a 90-day suspension from the El Paso County jail library after twice refusing to use the library during her scheduled time. The library was the only place she could review the nearly 30,000 pages of discovery pertaining to her case.

Referencing a recent letter from Stauch asking for counsel other than the public defenders, Werner sent her to Judge William Bain for a conflict hearing Wednesday. Bain was the presiding judge at Stauch’s Feb. 19 hearing, when she requested that her attorneys be dismissed.

Werner said that if Bain found a conflict warranting the removal of LeBeau and Strobel, Stauch would appear before Werner again next Wednesday for an “appearance of counsel” hearing.

“There is a legal standard that (Bain) must apply,” Werner told Stauch. “It’s not just whether you like (the public defenders) or trust them.”

Details of the conflict hearing have not been released, but court records show that Stauch is scheduled for an appearance of counsel hearing next Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Stauch, 37, was arrested March 2, 2020, in South Carolina, weeks after she reported her stepson missing. While in transit from South Carolina to Colorado, she allegedly slipped her handcuffs and attacked a deputy.

Gannon’s remains were later found in Florida, according to authorities.

Stauch's murder trial has been beset by delays and postponements, including for two examinations to determine whether she was mentally fit to stand trial. She was found competent both times.

The Gazette's Lance Benzel contributed to this report.

Stepmom in Gannon Stauch case drops bid to represent self
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