State House District 14 Candidate: Kanda Calef
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Kanda Calef, Republican candidate

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Education: University of Denver: master's degree in public policy; Georgetown University: paralegal certificate; Earlham College: bachelor's degree in Japanese studies; Roy J. Wasson High School

Experience: home school educator; legislative aid at Colorado State Capitol; paralegal in Washington, D.C.; legislative liaison/research assistant for Japanese automotive industry in Washington, D.C.; English teacher in Japan

What are your priorities for the state budget for 2019-20?

There has been a noticeable neglect of our state government's core competencies and obligations. There hasn't been a lack of funding. Shell games are being played where monies are shifted from actual, legitimate needs to bloated programs that amount to nothing more than governmental waste. Funding for education, building/maintaining/expanding roads and bridges (such as Interstate 25), and public safety should be at the top of the priority list. If elected, I will actively work to ensure that there is transparency and accountability, while making certain that the people's hard-earned tax dollars are spent properly and never wasted.

Do you support the so-called "red flag bill," which was proposed in the 2018 session and will likely be re-introduced in the 2019 session? Why or why not?

I wholeheartedly oppose it! This bill takes away the right to keep and bear arms from Coloradoans without due process. It presumes to predict crime and curtail individual liberties based on potential feelings and conjecture. This is dangerous to all citizens in a free society. These acts of mass gun violence are mistakenly framed as a gun problem when it is actually the fault of the criminal. Coloradoans deserve policy that is more data-driven and rational that will help prevent mass shootings, rather than emotional, knee-jerk reactions.

Do you think there's a need to increase state funding for transportation projects? If so, how would you propose accomplishing this?

There is plenty of money in the budget to cover the costs for road expansions and road/bridge repair. Currently, a huge portion of Colorado's budget goes to fund Medicaid (1 in 4 Coloradoans are now on Medicaid), driven by Obamacare (instituted by insider politicians from both parties). Ten years ago, the total state budget was $18.61 Billion. This past session, legislators passed a $28.9 Billion budget. Nearly a billion dollar increase to the state budget annually for the past decade! It's shameful that insider politicians have refused to find money in that $10 billion budget to fund Colorado's transportation needs.

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