A squirrel munches on a peanut it had stashed in the front yard of a home in Colorado Springs.

A squirrel discovered on the Colorado College campus, has a "high potential of being infected with the plague" the El Paso County Public Health Department alerted campus officials. 

CC notified its campus community via email Wednesday. 

According to the CDC, squirrels, prairie dogs, wood rats, fox squirrels and other species of ground squirrels and chipmunks can be infected by and spread plague.

Typically the disease can be spread to humans from a bite by an infected flea or by direct contact with infected animal. 

"Plague has been confirmed in wild rodents such as squirrels or rabbits in the neighboring areas of Cascade Avenue and Uintah Street," the email from CC read, "While there is no reason to be alarmed there are some steps to take to help prevent the potential for exposure."

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