Mistakes doom Air Force to 28-9 defeat at San Diego State

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Curlie Matthews doesn't go to sleep worrying that computer systems he oversees for the city of Colorado Springs are vulnerable to hackers.

But Matthews, the city's chief information officer, and officials of other Colorado cities say an audit that found the state of Colorado's computer systems are at high risk of online attack raises concerns for them.

"That is an issue that we are constantly concerned with. We take every step that we possibly can to secure our environment," Matthews said Tuesday. "If I get a look at that audit and there are some things that we can improve, we will certainly do that because it is a constant battle to stay ahead."

The audit of state-run computers found that thousands of records containing Social Security numbers, birth dates and other confidential information could easily be compromised. "Overall," auditors wrote, "we determined that the state is at high risk of a system compromise and/or data breach by malicious individuals."

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